Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Key Holder

"Just sit down," Theresa said, "I'll explain what's going on as you have probably only three months left to live."

That caught my attention, death is something I always wanted to be, if just to annoy the old man. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. Life suddenly became dear to me, more precious than pleasing the old fool.

"You are the offspring of Cleopatra the seventh, you know her don't you?" I nodded as Theresa continued her story.

"She asked Ra to save her son, as she was to be killed. A sacrifice, you could call it, saving her bloodline, but with a twist. There can only be two descendants alive. You having a son means there will be three, doesn't it?" Not pausing, nor looking up to see my dumb face expression. 

"You got three months to claim your heritage, because on the last day of the full moon of the third month, you will go through the twelve gates of the underworld. You understand me? You're so-called grandfather will accompany you, and only one will come back. Got a question for me, do you? I didn't think so."

"In all of these books you'll find the key to stay alive, and kill the "old bastard" as you call him. A wish to come true! As the key holder, I will assist you on these last ventures. For so I have done with your late father."

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