Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wake Up

"So, you're going to kill ME? Just try, I dare you!" grandpa said.

"Heu," all I could utter, pressing my head deeper into the nicely fluffed pillow, hoping he would disappear, hoping to startle from the nightmare, eyes wide open. 

But, he sitting there, even more calm than I remembered, even more iconic than I wished, deriding the mere fact I am.

"Yes, I killed you're father and yes, I'll kill you!" he said. "Your dad didn't make it through the first gate, you knew that? The soft fuck, still swimming in the lake of fire, he sure is! Then I took his wife as mine, claiming ones again my regal inheritance, as I've done for the last 400 years, defeating ones again for the sixteenth time you-scum-semen-waste." 

Grandpa left the bedroom, mockery written on his hinterland, leaving me behind, devastated. 

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